Best Clamp Meters

Are you an electrical professional? Then you know how important a clamp meter can be in your day to day job or activities in order for you to be able to troubleshoot and resolve electrical issues. Or you are a passionate person that enjoy electrical DIY (do it yourself) projects or simply a homeowner. Then you need the importance of a reliable clamp meter that suits your needs.

Either if you are a professional or not, these days you will find really hard choosing a clamp meter that suits you with all these offers available on the market. Any multimeters are able of measuring current, voltage and resistance. Even if these measurements are secured and it will be out of the ordinary to cause you any harm, the current is a big exception, that is why every professional is using a clamp meter. As all current emits magnetic radiations, clamp meters surely profits of this matter as the current is measured based on the magnetic radiations emitted.

With a good clamp meter, you can be accurately determining the amount of current that travels through a cable and you can also check if a circuit is either live or not. Before you go ahead and buy a clamp meter you should do a bit of research and make sure that you will get a good quality product that will satisfy and suits your needs.

Top 11 Best Clamp Meters

1. Fluke 375-FC

Fluke 375 FC True-RMS 600A AC/DC Wireless Clamp Meter

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The Fluke 375 FC True-RMS Clamp Meter blends flexibility with shape to produce an easy to manage, efficient troubleshooting clamp. The Fluke 370FC Series provides the only clamp metres on the market to include a versatile current probe, logging and reliable remote measurement, all in one unit. True-RMS voltage and current for precise non-linear signal measurements. Capabilities for recording help to troubleshoot intermittent errors. Connectivity with Bluetooth helps keep users outside the flash zone of the arc. Using iFlex to conduct measurements in tight spaces.

Using the Fluke Connect app or Fluke Connect Assets programme to relay measurements wirelessly. Create reports and exchange them without leaving the field with your team. Wireless recording of measurements to remove transcription or reporting errors. See multiple measurements from the same piece of equipment at the same time: thermal, mechanical, electrical and vibration. You can help spot issues faster by seeing the relationships between different measurement points. For further research and reporting, you can automatically record measurements and upload them to a PC, and save them for safe cloud storage.

Registered users may easily access baseline information in the field from there to rapidly detect anomalies and fix issues. You can display several measurements of energised components from up to 20 feet away from the test point with the Fluke Connect Measurements app or Fluke Connect Assets software and enabled instruments. Set up several modules and then move out of the danger zone and simultaneously view all measurements on a mobile phone remotely. You can improve your personal safety and effectively by maintaining your distance from energised components.


2. Klein Tools CL800 Digital Clamp Meter

Klein Tools CL800 Electrical Tester, Digital Clamp Meter AC / DC Auto-Ranging 600 Amp Measures...

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Klein Tools CL800 is a wireless clamp-meter that monitors AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance, and checks diodes via test leads, and temperature via a thermocouple probe, automatically ranging true root mean square (TRMS). A Low Impedance (LoZ) mode for the detection and removal of ghost or stray voltages are also available. The product line of Klein Tools Test and Calculation was exclusively developed from the ground up by electricians for electricians. Can operate at temperatures between 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C). This includes a carrying bag, test leads, converter thermocouple and batteries. In simple and regulated electromagnetic environments such as domestic, office and light-industrial locations, it meets criteria for usage.


3. KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter

KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts, Multimeter Voltage Tester Auto-ranging, Measures...

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This voltage metre can calculate AC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency or duty cycle, resistance, capacitance accurately and also offers tests of diode, continuity and temperature. Real RMS for precise non-linear load measurements. Easy to use for factories and households in laboratories. Due to ghost voltage, low input impedance helps reduce incorrect readings. Low Pass Filter (LPF) to reliably calculate variable frequency drive signals for motor and transformer measurements. You need to clamp the metre around one of the wires to test the current, not the whole power cord.

By testing EM field amplitude without contacting any wires, non-contact voltage detector efficiently tests electrical status; the NCV button is on the right side. Simply position and force your thumb on it. You need to clamp the metre around one of the cables, not the full power cord, to calculate the current. Two wires carrying current and ground wire are located in the power cable. In two wires, the current still travel in opposite directions, so the two wires’ magnetic fields cancel each other out, so the metre reads 0 A.


4. Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

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The Fluke 323 True-RMS clamp metre offers robust, consistent results for general electrical troubleshooting. For industrial and residential electricians, the Fluke 323 clamp metre is an essential instrument. True RMS dimensions, optimised ergonomics, and a large monitor for successful troubleshooting are included. Use it to check that circuits, switches, fuses and contacts are present with load current, AC voltage, and continuity.

Its slender, compact size and durable construction make it ideal for measuring current in tight cable compartments up to 400 A. This clamp metre can be used for accurate tests on a current of 400 volts, a voltage of 600 v for AC and DC, and a resistance of 4 kΩ. Does not calculate current with dc. Measurement of resistance of up to 4 kΩ with continuity detection. Real RMS AC voltage and current for precise non-linear signalling measurements.

The jaw opening tests up to 30 millimetres of current in a conductor without touching or interrupting the circuit. Accuracy of resistance: 1.0 % ± 5 digits. The audible continuity sensor ensures that electricity is powered by the circuit. It complies with IEC protection standard 61010 1 and is rated for 300V CAT IV and 600V CAT III installations.


5. Tacklife CM06 Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter Amp meter Digital Multimeter 6000 Counts with NCV Auto-Ranging Testing AC/DC...

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The TACKLIFE Tool CM06 is a clamp metre with an automatic measurement range of 6000. It is easy and creative to use. Without stripping or disconnecting the circuit, the conveniently used clamp metre can safely test AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, resistor, diode, on-off and capacitor to prevent hazardous circumstances. “SEL” feature selection keys, “Hz/ % ” frequency/duty ratio selection keys, “ZERO” automatic zero-setting keys, “HOLD” data holding keys, and backlight/working light keys are also present in the clamp metre. The metre will immediately enter sleep mode if you do not have an operation after 15 minutes. Through clicking either button, you can turn the metre on again.

The metre will automatically alert you, when the battery is down, that you need to change the battery in order to keep the metre from losing power unexpectedly. Be careful to turn off the power to the circuit under test and discharge all capacitors while testing resistance, diodes, switches, and capacitance. Rotate the measuring function selection turntable to the voltage test gear, and press the ‘SEL’ key to pick the AC or DC voltage measurement function. The COM input jack and the INPUT input jack are attached to the black pen line and the red pen line respectively.

At the other two ends of the pen, the voltage of the circuit to be checked is determined. As the NCV voltage induction region is similar to 90-1000V AC voltage or fire line, sound and light warning signal ‘droplet’ would be emitted by the instrument. Make it safer to calculate.


6. Fieldpice SC440

Fieldpiece SC440 True RMS Clamp Meter with Temperature, Inrush Current, Capacitance and Backlight

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Fieldpiece SC440 Dual Display Clamp Meter with True RMS and Inrush Current Dual Display Clamp Meter x Hang clamp metre to every metallic surface with the revamped heavy-duty magnet and keep your hands free to do more. Take more precise VAC and AAC readings on VFDs with True RMS sensing technology.

A host of safety features, including a high-voltage, LED and beeper, a continuity alarm, push button non-contact voltage (NCV), a lead holder with detachable leads, and alligator probe tips for easy one-handed checking are included in this auto and manual ranger. It has temperature, capacitance, micro DC amps for flame diode tests as far as ranges go and regular electrical ranges for HVACR. Not to mention that it is one of the industry’s most durable metres. The new clamp metres in the SC400 series are built for HVACR operation. Using the single test lead holder for added protection, take measurements with one hand. For connecting with Fieldpiece accessory heads, test leads come with interchangeable gold-plated tips. The clamp metres of the SC400 series is designed to withstand the rigours of HVACR with high impact plastic and a monitor that can be read in hot or cold environments.


7. UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp Meter

UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter

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The DL369, the ideal metre for contractors that need simple features without all the extras, begins with the Phoenix Clamp-On Meter sequence. This is not just a stripped-down model, the PRIME is a fully working hard metre made to get the job done, perfect for general troubleshooting and electrical maintenance. UEi Research Instruments has been developing and producing a wide range of award-winning, industry-leading test and measurement methods for more than 50 years. The UEi brand is known by professionals for its consistency and creative features designed to address real-world issues. UEi supports the products with technical assistance, service and maintenance teams dedicated to them. The clamp metre is able to accurately measure the capacitance (up to 4000µF), AC/DC up to 2000µA, 750VAC/1000VDC, resistance and continuity up to 40MΩ, frequency, duty cycle and perform diode tests.


8. Amazon Commercial 600A

AmazonCommercial 600A AC Clamp Meter, True RMS, NCV, Flashlight, 6000 Count

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¬¬Amazon Commercial 600A might be your best choice if you are looking for something budget-orientated yet professional and reliable. The clamp metre takes fast, accurate readings you can rely on an important troubleshooting tool for commercial or residential electricians. Enjoy on-the-job comfort with the compact size of the clamp metre, which is suitable for fitting into tight spaces and cable compartments, the clamp meter can also fit into pockets and tool belts. The clamp offers a backlit LCD monitor with data hold, low battery indicator, with the ability to count up to 6000. Real RMS, CATIV 600V, NCV test, Low pass filter(VFD), 100ms Inrush current, 1000V AC/DC, 600A AC and 100mF capacitance test features. The clamp metre comes alongside with test leads, carrying case, temperature probe, temperature probe connector, three 1.5V AAA batteries and the user manual.


9. Meterk Digital Clamp Meter

Meterk Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter 4000 Counts Auto-ranging Multimeter AC/DC Voltage & Current...

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Meterk clamp meter is able to accurately read AV/DC Voltage, AC/DC current, frequency, continuity, duty cycle, diode, capacitance and resistance, thus it is an essential tool for any professional and passionate DIYer. With a sensor, non-contact voltage monitoring works to detect voltage and prevent electrical shock without touching any cables. Light and Sound Warning When the AC voltage (90V-1000V) or live wire is detected.

Built to check safely and reliably whether the circuit conducts electricity with low voltage indication and protection against overload. Displays “OL” when overloaded on the LCD. Small and mobile for carrying and using. Visibility is improved by a high resolution, wide backlit LCD screen. In a dark spot, the flashlight will access metrics. The lighted readout helps to enhance readability in dimly light regions. To test all capacitors and transistors, use the multifunction socket. Push the “Hold” button to freeze the readings displayed on the screen and record them. The double fuse built-in will protect the clamp metre from overloading. The clamp meter comes with 2 test leads, 3 AAA type batteries, storage bag and user manual.


10. RockSeed True-RMS Clamp Meter

RockSeed True-RMS Clamp Meter, Digital Multimeter with Temperature, AC/DC Voltage & AC Current,...

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For precise measurements on non-linear signals, AC voltage and current, RockSeed True-RMS Clamp Meter can handle it. The AC current measurement (2A / 200A) has a resolution of up to 1mA, which is more precise and accurate in measuring small current signals than related products. The safety of the working environment is easily assessed, including correct AC/DC voltage, AC current, diode, continuity, temperature measurement and resistance measurement, voltage warning, non-contact voltage alarm. Built to confirm the circuit safely and correctly, ideal for troubleshooting a range of electrical issues during your everyday life problems.

A reliable and precise solution to problems with the automobile and household appliances. The test line’s bayonet is elevated to make it easier to work even with one hand. The nature of the bottom test line jack decreases the risk of dust and foreign matter entering. The True-RMS clamp metre from RockSeed is compact and lightweight to carry and use. This comes with high resolution and a low indication of the battery. The flashlight has simple access to AC current measurements in the dark. In addition, there are also data keep, auto range, auto power off and NCV functions in the clamp metre.


11. Acegmet Digital Clamp Meter

ACEGMET Digital Clamp Meter Measured for AC Current 600A Clamp Multimeter 6000 Counts NCV Function...

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Be it AC current, resistance, diode, capacitance, AC/DC voltage, NCV non-contact induction AC voltage, the backlight display of the multi-function Acegmet clamp metre is able to provide accurate readings. The AC current measurement method is to directly clamp a wire between the jaws to show the data; electrical pen and wire are needed for resistance and diode measurement.

The induced voltage clamp metre will automatically detect if there is the voltage when the clamp metre jaws are near to the circuit, and the clamp metre alarm will offer a warning function; the dc voltage metre will emit a light beam when pressing the Hold button, so as to be used as lighting. The clamp head of the current metre is designed to be 35mm in diameter. The automated clamp metre is ideal under harsh circumstances for circuit maintenance and wire detection without interrupting the circuit during the calculation. There is an LCD high-definition digital display on the Acegmet clamp metre. The Acegmet metre AC’s backlight display feature can read and record data easily in dark areas, which is very simple and bright, increasing work efficiency. The current metre will automatically enter sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy.


Buying guide

Bellow you cand find a list with features that might be worth checking before going ahead with your purchase.


This is the primary offering of a voltmeter with further measuring functions. The manner in which multimeters calculate voltage, current and resistance vary per model, however. Even so, all multimeters are constructed to measure the current.


The first thing an electrician tests if an appliance encounters mechanical difficulties is the supply voltage. AC and DC voltage can be tested by several clamp voltmeters. AC voltage is emitted and distributed from a produced current, while DC is calculated by battery volts.


This refers to the complexity of an entity going through a current. The tool used for resistance calculation is Ohms.


The protection standard it offers is the first and foremost thing that you need to remember in a clamp meter. This can be easily understood when looking at the building material and the device’s build efficiency. The higher the device’s average voltage current and resistance rate, the better it is. Safe systems often come with a wide variety of regulatory certifications and yell for protection with these guarantees.


You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to buy a reliable clamp meter. A lot of companies offers products suitable for all pockets but usually is based on the brand and the included highlights. Higher priced clamp meters tend to be more solid and more precise than the lower-priced ones.


In the laboratory, it is one thing for the clamp meter to work and another to work in the field. The degree of precision you enjoy in the lab can not be preserved in the field. Check if they will work in the setting that you want them to while searching for a clamp meter. For eg. do not purchase one that is listed for indoor usage only or one which has a minimum operating temperature range of 15 Fahrenheit when searching for a meter for outdoor measurements.


A clamp meter can give you true readings of RMS. It puts you in a tough situation when the readings are incorrect and you don’t know if it is the clamp or the motor that is wrong. The meter you purchase is meant to work for you and not against you.

The scale of the clamp corresponds to the machine’s opening ends, which are the real holders you will use to hang on to the conductor. These openings often vary from a mere 17 mm to nearly 45 mm. They are open-ended and can be stretched or expanded so that the conductor blends in and is often hands-free (to ensure that the conductor does not have to be physically touched, In comparison, clamp meters much of the time come with non-contact voltage detectors that can first measure the conduction wire by wrapping the clamp around it.


Are clamp meters accurate?

Yes to some extent. However, to within 1 % of the range, some clamp metres are accurate. Although 1 % error tends to be more accurate than 2 %, 4 amps could be out of a metre that can accommodate 400 amps. The smaller your measurements are with this metre, the lower your error is. There will be a 1 amp reading of 0.98 amps and 1.02 amps.

Clamp meters or multimeters which are better?

In essence, a digital multimeter is a voltage-measuring instrument with some current skill. Basically, a clamp metre is a current-measuring device with certain voltage capabilities. They are distinctly different tools, each with its own benefits. In general, a clamp metre tests to the nearest tenth or hundredth of a unit.

Are clamp meters safe?

Yes, if you properly follow the guidelines you don’t have to worry. Clamp meters are equipped with safety instructions to help users prevent electrical shocks or personal injuries. Always follow the manual requirements and use the meter as defined in the manual only, otherwise, it can compromise the safety given by the meter.