Best Multimeter for Electricians

The multimeter is an electrician’s best friend, and there is no doubt about that. Using a high-quality multimeter is essential because, without a good one, it will be difficult to get the best accuracy and measurements. On the bright side of things, there are lots of premium multimeters for electricians and today we will help you find the best one.

We have reviewed the top eight best multimeters for electricians so that you have an easier time choosing the one that suits your needs the best. When picking the products for review, the general rule of thumb was that they all should work great to measure electricity and troubleshoot problems in a circuit. Therefore, you can’t make a wrong choice here. Check out the reviews below.


1.Fluke 117

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

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This wouldn’t be a “best multimeter list” if we didn’t kick things off with a product from Fluke. This company is a leader in the electronics industry and what makes its products stand out is their durability and accurate performances. The Fluke 117 is one of the most versatile multimeters for electricians being able to measure the standard voltage, current, and resistance. This is not where the key selling points end. The device can also be used to measure capacitance, continuity, and frequency while using non-contact voltage detection to provide the maximum safety possible.

As previously noted, the accuracy that Fluke’s products provide is unmated, and Fluke 117 is not an exception to that rule. The device makes measurements using TRMS accuracy to provide the best readings. It also uses AutoVolt selection to detect the alternating or direct current voltages automatically. You are going to love this feature because it makes taking measurements so much easier. Moreover, the Fluke 117 is safety rated for CAT-III measurements of up to 600 volts.


• Ergonomic design;
• CAT-III 600 volts safety rating;
• Excellent accuracy;
• It uses non-contact voltage detection;
• Backlit LED screen;
• It is compatible with magnetic hangers for one-hand operation (optional);
• 3-years warranty.


• It doesn’t have a thermocouple.


2. Fluke 115 with Polyester Carrying Case

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter with Polyester Carrying Case

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Another amazing product from Fluke, this multimeter for electricians excels when it comes to durability and testing functionalities. The Fluke 115 is the ideal device to bring with you because it features a compact and ergonomic design. That’s not all. The manufacturer is including a durable carrying case that is made from polyester. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about accidental drops that can damage the multimeter. In addition, the case opens laterally to allow easy access to the test tools that you need without needing to take them all out of the case.

The Fluke 115 is equipped with a large white LED screen that works great in poorly lit areas. Therefore, you will not have any problems reading the measurements that you make with the Fluke 115. Talking about measurements, we want to mention that the device uses TRMS to provide the most accurate readings possible, especially on non-linear loads. The auto-ranging and diode tester functionalities are also worth noting because they are useful to any electrician.


• Compact design;
• CAT-III 600 volts safety rating;
• It ships with a durable polyester case;
• Auto-ranging functionality;
• Backlit LED screen;
• Ideal for checking voltage, current, resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance.


• It doesn’t feature a milliamp/micro-amp measurement range.


3. Klein Tools CL800

Klein Tools CL800 Electrical Tester, Digital Clamp Meter AC / DC Auto-Ranging 600 Amp Measures...

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Klein Tools is another household name in the electronics industry, and the Klein Tools CL800 is its flagship device. The digital clamp multimeter is a high-quality device that excels all industry standards when it comes to measuring current. The manufacturer is including test leads that ensure you can test for anything, including AC frequency and diode functionality. To make things even more impressive, the Klein Tools CL800 is also equipped with a thermocouple probe that allows you to measure the temperature.

What makes the Klein Tools CL800 stand out the most is the fact that it doesn’t only offer CAT-IV 600 volts safety rating, but it actually goes up to CAT-III 1000 volts. As a result, the digital clamp multimeter can be used to measure heavy-duty devices without a single problem. Since this is a premium device, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that it supports auto-ranging and TRMS functionality. You are guaranteed to get the most accurate results.


• CAT-III 1000 volts safety rating;
• It features a clamp design for easy use;
• Auto-ranging functionality;
• TRMS ensures accurate results;
• It can measure temperature;
• Durable design.


• The temperature readings are not always the best.


4. FLUKE 17B+

SSEYL FLUKE 17B+ Digital Multimeter F17B+

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FLUKE 17B+ is a top-rated digital multimeter that is designed especially for electricians. This can be seen in the device’s sturdy design that is built to take accidental drops like a champ. We are not saying that it’s indestructible, but that it will not break in half at the first drop. Another important feature that we want to highlight is this multimeter is a great choice for electricians that find themselves often checking voltage, current, resistance, or continuity because the FLUKE 17B+ features multiple testing modes.

A feature that you will grow to love is the FLUKE 17B+’s thermocouple functionality. Getting correct temperature readings is usually difficult when working with small components, but fortunately, the FLUKE 17B+ is here to help out. We also want to note that the centered dial is also more convenient to use in comparison with other devices that feature an off-putting offset dial. On the downside of things, the FLUKE 17B+ doesn’t have TRMS.


• It can measure temperature;
• Great budget-choice for electricians;
• Centered dial;
• Backlit LED screen;
• It features multiple testing modes.


• It doesn’t have TRMS.


5. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Manual and Auto Ranging; Measures Voltage...

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The AstroAI Digital Multimeter is another great option if you are in the market for a high-quality device that delivers reliable performances. What we like the most about this product is that despite shipping with a bundle of useful features such as explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes and an auto shut-off function, it still fits in the budget-friendly category. This makes the AstroAI Digital Multimeter ideal for electricians who are just getting started and are not ready to invest lots of money in tools.

What’s great about the AstroAI Digital Multimeter is the fact that it’s super easy to use. Even though it is designed for electricians, hobbyists and beginners are able to access all of the multimeter’s different test modes and functions just with the touch of a button. The options are displayed in a user-friendly interface, which makes testing voltage, current, resistance, and diodes easier than ever. Also worth noting is that the device uses TRMS to measure both AC and voltage.


• Sampling speed of 2 times per second;
• It uses TRMS for improved accuracy;
• User-friendly interface;
• Auto shut-off function to save battery life;
• Explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes for enhanced safety.


• It doesn’t have an automatic AC/DC voltage range.


6. Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit 69149

Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit 69149

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Right from the start, we want to mention that the Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit 69149 is the most versatile multimeter reviewed by us today. This is thanks to the fact that the multimeter ships as a kit that contains all the tools that an electrician requires to get work done. Starting with test leads and ending with the receptacle tester, the kit is packed with useful accessories.

The Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit 69149 makes testing and measurements easier than ever by utilizing both visual and audible continuity indicators. As a result, you don’t need to be an expert to use the multimeter. We also want to point out that the Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit 69149 can identify open ground, open hot, open neutral, and hot/ground reversed. This is not a feature that you find on multimeters that fit in the same price range.


• It uses both visual and audible indicators;
• The receptacle tester automatically detects wiring configurations;
• AT-III 600V, class 2 safety rating;
• It is double insulated for extra safety;
• It ships as a full kit.


• The volt pen is difficult to use.


7. Etekcity Digital Multimeter

Etekcity Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Amp Volt Voltage Tester with Ohm, Continuity, Diode and...

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Who says that you need to spend a small fortune on a reliable multimeter? The Etekcity Digital Multimeter is here to prove that isn’t the case. Even though this device is selling for an affordable price, you shouldn’t be fooled by that and think that it doesn’t provide accurate readings. The Etekcity Digital Multimeter features a sampling speed of three times per second. While this may pale compared to the multimeters from Fluke and Klein Tools, it’s still better than most affordable digital multimeters.

Safety is never to be taken lightly when working with electronics, and the Etekcity Digital Multimeter doesn’t disappoint in this department. The manufacturer has equipped the device with overload protection across all ranges. That’s not all. The Etekcity Digital Multimeter is also covered with a rubber sleeve to prevent fall damage. The last thing that we want to mention is that the manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying a new multimeter anytime soon.


• Affordable price;
• Easy to use;
• It features overload protection across all ranges;
• It has a sampling speed of three times per second;
• Easy to read LCD screen;
• Automatic sleep mode.


• It is not suitable to measure DC current.


8. Neoteck EBTN Digital Multimeter

Neoteck True RMS 9999 Counts Digital Multimeter, Large Backlit EBTN LCD, Manual & Auto Dual Ranging...

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Next on our list, the Neoteck EBTN Digital Multimeter is a bestselling product that features TRMS 9999 for improved accuracy when measuring AC/DC voltage. The “secret” behind Neoteck EBTN Digital Multimeter’s success is that the device is selling for an affordable price while still delivering a premium bundle of features and functionalities. The manual and auto-ranging integrated design are the perfect examples of that. Due to the special design, you will have an easier time getting more precise values.

The design of the Neoteck EBTN Digital Multimeter is user-friendly, and the large backlit LED screen allows you to find all the information that you need with a glance. Security is another department where this device excels at. The Neoteck EBTN Digital Multimeter is equipped with protection for overload, and it will automatically prevent burnout when testing voltage. To make things even better, the device also supports fuse-disconnect and wrong-polarity alarm functions.


• TRMS 9999 for improved accuracy;
• Overload protection;
• Easy to read LCD screen;
• User-friendly interface;
• Auto power-off system to save battery;
• It uses both visual and audible indicators.


• It doesn’t always pick up the ripple voltage on a DC supply.


Buying Guide

Finding the best multimeter for electricians can be tricky if you don’t know what to search for. Check out our buying guide below to learn what are the top three most important features that a digital multimeter should offer:

• Accuracy

Since multimeters are used by electricians to perform tests and make measurements, their accuracy is very important. Therefore, you want to make sure that the device you choose to buy uses TRMS to provide enhanced accuracy and measurements. The Fluke 117 is always a great choice.

• Auto-Ranging Functionality

Another important feature that is considered a “must-have” on premium multimeters is the auto-ranging functionality. While auto-ranging may not seem like a groundbreaking feature, it will save you lots of hassle and time. You no longer have to know all the resistance, capacitance, voltage, and all other values by memory.

• Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when working with electronics, and therefore, you should buy a digital multimeter that can handle circuits of up to 30-35 V without a problem. You can verify the safety ratings of a multimeter by checking out the measurement category rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What multimeter do electricians use?

The most popular multimeter is the Fluke 117. The reason behind this is that the device is highly versatile and also because it uses RMS technology to make it easier to get accurate readings, frequency, and capacitance.

#2 What is the difference between a clamp meter and a digital multimeter?

The main difference between these devices is that the clamp meter is designed to measure current/amperage while digital multimeters focus on measuring voltage, resistance, continuity, and low current.

#3 What should you not do with a multimeter?

The general rule of thumb that you need to follow is to never use the test leads if the protective insulation on the leads or probes is cracked or worn. That’s not all. You should also keep in mind that both DC and AC can be very dangerous. This is why performing a safety check is always advised before using a multimeter.

#4 Is a multimeter dangerous?

The short answer is no. A multimeter is an essential tool for electricians, and it helps make their jobs way easier. However, there is always a danger when working with a connected live circuit.

#5 What is the purpose of a multimeter?

Multimeters can be used for various purposes, but their main use is to measure two or more electrical values – voltage (volts), current (amps), and resistance (ohms).