Car Maintenance- Have A View At The Brief Checklist


It is really comfortable to have a car ride to reach any place. However, while you own the car, you must take steps to maintain its condition. To make sure that the car is functioning rightly, you have to assess all the parts. A regularly maintained vehicle is also safe to the driver and the passengers.
You may not have a clear idea on what parts are to be inspected for keeping up the car’s performance. That is why we have created a car maintenance checklist for you. Have a look at this checklist and start dealing with your car.
The major parts that have to check on a regular basis are- steering, tyres, lights, brakes and rust on the structure.

Brakes of the vehicle

You have to test out the fluid level in the brake. Look for the professional solution while you find something spongy in the brakes.

Rotation of car tyres

The rear and front tyres get deteriorated at various levels and in different patterns. In some vehicles, the front tyres become worn at a faster rate, while you have not regularly rotated them. With the rotation of tyres, you can find consistency in the natural deterioration process. You may rotate them while changing the oil. However, it is better to read the manual to get the instructions on tyres.

Check the overall tyre condition

Due to tyre issues, you may find various problems at the time of driving a car. You can feel slight vibration due to the unbalanced tyres. Due to the inappropriate alignment, you may find worn-out suspension elements and various other issues.
While driving the car, you can feel the instability. In all these conditions, you may speak to the technicians to restore the tyre condition. You must also inspect your car’s tyre pressure for minimum one time every month. You may look for a tool for measuring tire pressure. To know the right pressure for your vehicle, you have to go through the manual. Deflate or pump the tyre to get back the proper pressure.

Engine oil

This is another thing that you must check regularly. This oil has the task of lubricating and cooling down the engine. At the time of altering the oil, you may find that its level has started dropping. While you drive the car with very low level of oil, you will have issues to your engine. In the modern car, there’s an indicator for this low amount of oil. However, you have to choose the right type of oil for your car engine. You must also replace the black, dirty oil with the clean, transparent one.


You may visually assess the condition of your car’s battery. While you have found cracks, corrosion, leakage and any other damaging sign, you have to replace the battery. There should be tight battery terminals. The rust at these terminals may affect the connection, and you will face issues. You must clean those terminals rightly.
You can think of buying the best multimeter to test the wiring and electronics of your car. For instance, you may check the battery charge with the use of a multimeter. The meter is designed for reading the voltage as this is related to the electrical system of the vehicle.


The lights of the car have to do their function in the right way. The headlights have to be aligned rightly, and there must be no crack on the lenses.

Windshield wipers

Try to install new wipers for minimum one time every year. However, while these wipers are not cleaning windshield rightly, you must replace them. By investing a little amount, you will be able to do the replacement.

Car mileage and maintenance solutions

You may have bought a high-mileage car, and now, it is not under its warranty. To retain your car’s life for several years, you must do some tasks. On every month, you have to inspect the level of oil and coolant. It is also essential to start backing up the camera lens. After every 10000 miles, you have to rotate car tyres and test out the belts. Similarly, after driving 30000 miles, you have to replace sensors, adjust transmission fluid and arrange a bounce test. Throttle body must also be cleaned thoroughly.

Thus, follow the above tips to keep up the good condition of your car. This brief checklist will be helpful to all the automobile owners. You may also speak to the technicians to get more information.