Best Digital Multimeter Reviews of 2020

There are many reasons why everyone should buy a digital multimeter. Whether your profession involves working with electric circuits that must be tested all the time or you simply want to have a tool that is capable of identifying electrical faults, a multimeter will help you get the job done. By comparison with old-fashioned analog multimeters, digital ones are highly accurate, display exact values extremely fast and have all kinds of useful functions.

Digital multimeters are capable of measuring current, voltage, amperage, of testing continuity and diodes. Also, they can test resistance and are great tools that help you troubleshoot switches, fuses, relays, sensors and many more.

Using such a device is easy if you only have the basic knowledge about how electricity works. Modern multimeters have intuitive buttons and are easy to use, come with a knob and a digital display that shows the required values with high accuracy. Depending on the brand and type of the digital multimeter that you choose, it might have other incorporated functions, too, such as temperature sensors.

If you are looking for the best multimeter on the market, you should also look at the device’s design. If you are only planning to use it at home, a rugged design is not critical.However, if you are planning to buy one for an industrial environment, you should ensure that it has a rugged design, a sturdy construction and that it is made of high-quality materials.

Are you researching the market with the purpose of buying one of the best digital multimeters right now? Then you should take a look at the three products below. We have reviewed them for your convenience, highlighting their pros and cons. Analyze them and choose the best option for your needs.


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1. Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V Klein Tools

Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging
If you are looking for a digital multimeter that has auto-ranging capabilities, then this device from Klein can be exactly what you need. This is an affordable device, suitable for amateurs, DIYers or handymen who need this product for occasional use. It can also be used for professional purposes, but not in all circumstances. The MM400 model can measure up to 600V of AC/DC voltage, 10A and 40 MΩ of resistance. Besides being able to measure voltage, amperage and resistance, it can also measure temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle and continuity. More than that, it is capable of performing diode testing. Being a lightweight multimeter that measures only 1.8 x 3.1 x 6 inches, it is easy to maneuver while working and fits easily in your pocket or in your tool box. The design of this product is great, having an LCD display that displays all the values that you need with accuracy, as well as the temperature and the enabled functions. It has an ergonomic shape and a rugged construction that ensures its durability. As it features a low battery indicator, you never have to worry about completely losing its power while performing your tasks. It includes 2 AAA batteries, test probes and a charging cable.

What’s to like?

  •  It is inexpensive
    It measures voltage, amperage, resistance, capacitance and more
    It has an integrated temperature sensor
    It has a low battery indicator
    It includes 2 AA alkaline batteries
    It can withstand a 3.3 foot drop
    It has an ergonomic shape
    It has a rugged design
    It comes with testing probes
    It includes a charging cable
    It is Cat III 600V safety rated
    It can measure up to 600V AC/DC voltage
    It measures up to 10A AC/DC current

What’s not to like?

  •  It doesn’t have detachable clips

2. Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters

Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters
If you want to buy a digital multimeter but you would like to have a modern, practical solution for electrical measurements that doesn’t involve touching the devices that you are testing, this product is great for your needs. It comes at one of the most affordable prices, it is designed to serve the needs of all handymen who like to solve home issues on their own and it has a practical design that makes it very easy to use. This is an auto-ranging multimeter that eliminates the need of manually setting the range. The great thing about this device is that it comes with a clamp with a 26mm jaw opening and that can measure AC current without interrupting the circuit.

This digital multimeter from Etekcity can measure AC current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, diode and continuity. Also, it features data hold and has a maximum reading function. It comes with a large LCD display that makes it easy to read a variety of values. Its controls are intuitive and easy to use, as well as its knob. The shape and design of the device makes it easy to maneuver and store. One of the other features that turned it into a best-seller is its automatic shut-off function. The multimeter enters sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity in order to prevent energy consumption when not used. Although it has a very low price that raises some question marks, it is covered by a 1-year warranty by its

What’s to like?

  •  It is a versatile and multipurpose device
    It is cheap
    It can measure AC current, voltage, resistance and continuity
    It can perform diode test
    It is suitable for home use
    It has a 26mm clamp
    It includes testing probes
    It has auto-ranging assistance
    It shuts off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity
    The measurements on the screen are updated 3 times a second
    It is safety rated
    It includes a carrying bag
    It is covered by a 1-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • The clamp can only measure amperage; testing probes are needed for voltage

3. Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Meter


Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Wanting the best digital multimeter on the market sometimes means buying it from the best manufacturer on the market, with the best reputation. In this case, Fluke is the one. The 101 model is one of the best devices for beginners or experienced users who want to use it for residential or commercial purposes. It has an affordable price and comes with great features, as well as a basic design that makes it very easy to use. It is lightweight, sturdy and durable, which makes it even better. This device has a basic DC accuracy of 0.5%, it is Cat III 600V rated and has an automatic shut-down function, just like the previously described product.

The 101 model from Fluke can measure voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle. It comes with a buzzer that can be heard when testing continuity. It has a 100.0 μF capacitor, an operating temperature between 0-40 degrees Celsius and can be operated at altitudes of up to 2000 meters. During the drop test that it was subjected to, it was shown that it can resist to -10 degrees Celsius and 1 meter to surface. This device measures 11.3 x 65 x 27 mm and weighs 160 g. Its rugged construction is preferred by those who work in unpredictable environments or those who want to ensure that in case of drops, it will continue to function.

What’s to like?

  •  It is affordable
    It has a rugged design
    It is sturdy and durable
    It can resist drops
    It is suitable for home use
    It is lightweight and small
    It has a basic DC accuracy of 0.5%
    It is safety rated
    It can measure voltage, amperage, resistance and more
    It has an automatic shut-down function
    It has data hold function
    It has auto-ranging capabilities

What’s not to like?

  •  It doesn’t have a carrying case


Choosing the best troubleshooting device for your needs would be easy if there would be only one best digital multimeter. Since there isn’t, the market being filled with so many good options, you first have to analyze your needs and see what your preferences are. After establishing what the digital multimeter that will help you is do your job, you can finally resume your search to just a few models and decide. When buying a DMM, there are a few important things that you should take into consideration, such as the amps, volts and ohms that the device can measure, the additional ranges, the existence of a True RMS, the accuracy and resolution and many more. Safety ratings are also important to consider when
doing electrical measurements, as you surely want to know that the multimeter that you will be using will not cause any trouble.

Ideally, a multimeter that is inexpensive and is has a large number of features and capabilities would be the best option for you. There are plenty of products out there that offer value for money. If you need an advanced multimeter, then you might have to be prepared for a larger investment. When analyzing the three above products, you might notice a price difference, as well as differences in capabilities and technical specifications. We chose these best-selling products to make it easier for you to decide regardless of your budget or preferences.