Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

This kit is suitable for a professional electrician who knows how an electrical job needs to get done and who knows that a great tool can save you money, time and keep you away from any kind of work accident and also perfect for a handyman that likes to handle everything around the house by learning how to use a multimeter step by step. This product is versatile and well-made to accomplish any task and is ready to be used right out of the box. Fluke 116/323 HVAC multimeter and clamp combo kit is tested to last and the reason its design and functions did not see much innovation is that they are perfectly made for their purpose from the very beginning.

Fluke Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit has the following features:

• It has a built-in thermometer, helpful for HVAC applications
• It features micro-amps that are used to test flame sensors measurements (down to 0.1 micro-
• Its large white LED backlight for when you need to work in poorly lit areas
• It is tested for safe use in CAT III 600 V environments
• Fluke 323 is made for current measurements up to 400 A in tight cables
• The kit offers true RMS measurements
• Its low input impedance helps with preventing false readings that may occur because of ghost
• The multimeter measures 400 A AC current and 600 AAC and DC voltage
• The kit comes with the best clamp meter for any type of electrical work

The multimeter displays Min /Max/Average values with elapsed time to record all the signal fluctuations that may appear. The display is easy to read and is well-lit, allowing you to read correctly all the values even if you work in a dark place. The kit is equipped with two tools, suitable for a professional, rugged and durable, ready for any challenge. The Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter was mainly designed for HVAC professional and it measures temperature and micro-amps for specific applications while Fluke 323 Clamp Meter offers accurate measurements on non-linear signals. They are both lightweight yet solid, resistant and tested to withdraw all kinds of harsh work environments, fit easily in the palm of the hand and can be carried away in their case.

Their measurement capabilities are:

• Resistance
• Continuity
• Frequency
• Capacitance
• Continuity/ diode test
• Micro-amps
• Analog bar graphs
• Low input impedance

Fluke 116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

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The box includes: TL175 Hard Point Test Lead Set, a magnetic meter hanging strap, a flexible cuff pipe Clamp Thermocouple, 89BK Integrated Temperature Probe, 80AK-A Thermocouple adapter, C115 Deluxe soft carrying case with shoulder strap, test leads, a soft case and user’s manual with all the data and information you may want to know. You’ll have all the accessories you need to put right to a quick test right after you unpack it.