Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

If you want to get your job done when it comes to completing some electrical work around the house or as an electrician, a multimeter is a tool you shall choose to be your best help. The main features of this Fluke Multimeter are measure resistance, frequency capacitance, and continuity. It is considered a great tool for an electrician due to its non-contact voltage detection.

Some of its main characteristics are:

• It features AutoVolt: automatic AC/DC voltage selection
• It has true RMS in order to provide accurate measurements when you have to work on non-
linear loads
• Its compact and ergonomic design allows you to operate with only one hand
• It features low input impedance that will help prevent false readings
• It measures 10 A (when overload for 30 seconds it measures 20 A)
• Safety rate – CAT III 600 V
• Resolution – 0.1 mV
• Its operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
• It has an excellent response time
• The resistance tester has a good range
• It has great voltage detector sensitivity
• It has a large and clear screen
• Perfect as a gift for homeowners and handymen

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter


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This multimeter provides Min/Max/Average readings on a LED screen and its main job is to measure frequency and capacitance and give accurate measurements no matter in what work environment or moment of the day you may need it. It was tested to resist all kinds of extreme situations as shocks, humidity or droppings.

Due to a large white LED light that is incorporated in the back of the unit you can now use this multimeter in dark or poorly illuminated environments. The sturdiness and durability of this product ensure that it will stay your toolbox for quite some time: its case it’s designed with a blast shield to protect it from debris in case of a major accident. It can be operated with one hand due to its great design rubber holster that offers it a great 5 side protection. Also, it is really easy to grip it with gloves on. If you need to work with your hands-free, this multimeter is compatible with optional magnetic hanger. It has an off -center design that can be rolled from the side to side with the help of your thumb.

The 117 model has a 6000 count display with 4 updates per second for the best accuracy, and the bar graph is responsive and reliable. Its screen freeze feature comes in handy when you need to compare your actual readings with the specifications given by the manufacturer or you simply forget the exact reading in less than a minute.

The box contains the Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter (that has one AAA battery included), and a 4 mm silicone test lead set and a user’s manual (written in 9 languages and offers all the data and information an user could possibly ask for).