Work Smartly While Working With Multimeters For Best Results

Hioki 3030-10 HiTester Manual-Ranging

The most important testing tool is multimeter. It is helpful in determining the measure of current, voltage and resistance of the electrical circuit. To do testing effectively, there is a need to use the multimeter effectively. There are many people who think that using multimeter is very easy hence they avoid taking precautions for preventing the immediate risks. This enhances the risk while working with electronic equipments. So, you are required to learn to use the multimeters in the right way.

Choose the multimeter of the best brand

Hioki 3030-10 HiTester Manual-Ranging

There are so many multimeter brands which are available nowadays. Thus, you are required to choose the best multimeter for your purpose. Take multimeter reviews online to know the brand which is offering the multimeter of the best specifications. Use the multimeter with the high CAT rating. This rating shows the maximum energy which the multimeter can withstand. Multimeter with CAT III rating is best when you need to work with high voltage. This saves you from injuries and potential damages due to electrical shocks. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are using the right multimeter.

Important safety tips for using multimeters

Inspect the unit: Make sure that multimeter unit is working properly. In case, there is any kind of damage or crack on the unit, the readings will not be accurate. Multimeter should be checked on the known voltage. This ensures that multimeter unit is safe to use with high voltage. Check the readings with the known sources. If, it gives the false reading then there is a need to replace your multimeter unit with the new one.

Inspect the probe: Checking the functionality of the probe is an important consideration to ensure that multimeter is safe to use. If any of the two probes or both of them are faulty then there are chances that the user can get injured under the high voltage. You have to plug in the probe in the known source to check the reading. If it is giving the true reading it means it is safe to use. The leads should be well insulated and free from the damages. Correctly insert the leads into the ports to accurately take the measurements.

Apart from these, there are many more tips which can help you in accurately measuring the current, voltage and resistance. For measuring the AC units, do the proper settings for measurements. Don’t forget to turn off the knob after you are done taking the readings.

Follow the instructions for measuring voltage and current

For measuring the voltage, you are required to follow the instructions given in the user manual.  The basic steps include:

  • Plug in probes into COM and mAVΩ
  • Set the voltage of the device in the DC range
  • Connect the probe with the correct terminals of the battery
  • Squeeze the probe gently

Measuring the current with the clamp style multimeter is simple. If you are using other type of multimeter, then you are required to follow the below steps:

  • Replace the VCC wire with another piece of wire
  • Now, connect probe with the resistor
  • Insert multimeter in-line
  • Put the knob at the right setting to measure the current passing through the circuit